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Tucson - Introduction

Introduction to Tucson

Air-conditioning itself in the middle of the spectacular life-filled topography of the American Southwest, with its grand canyons, wind-sculpted cliffs, eerily hushed deserts, forests of towering saguaro cacti and astonishing diversity of birdlife (there are 16 species of hummingbird alone), is Tucson, Arizona. This city has survived the discipline of a Spanish fortress, the embarrassing millinery and trigger-finger lawlessness of the Wild West, and an exasperating century of drunken student mischief, and has somehow managed to emerge with a vibrant legacy of Hispanic and traditional Indian cultures.

Area: 194.7 sq mi (313.5 sq km)
Country: USA
Population: 486,700
Telephone Area code: 520
Time Zone: GMT/UTC minus seven hours

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