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Tucson - Further reading

Further reading on Tucson

  • For a refresher course in the history of the region surrounding Tucson, from prehistoric times to the present, read Arizona: A History by Thomas E Sheridan.
  • Budding natural historians, particularly those interested in desert ecology, should pick up a copy of Ann Zwinger's The Mysterious Lands: A Naturalist Explores the Four Great Deserts of the Southwest.
  • You can't go past volumes 9, 10 (both edited by Alfonso Ortiz) and 11 (edited by Warren L D'Azevedo) of the Smithsonian-produced Handbook of North American Indians for a serious look at the indigenous people of the Southwest.
  • The life of a young woman who moves from rural Kentucky to Tucson is poignantly (and semi-autobiographically) detailed in Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees.

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