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Tucson - Getting there & away, getting around

Tucson - Getting there & away

Tucson's low-key international airport, which is bereft of significant international facilities bar immigrations and customs, is situated 9mi (14.5km) south of the city centre. Airlines like America West, Continental and Aero-Mexico operate numerous flights from here over the border to mainstream Mexican destinations, but the majority of the airport's traffic is created via domestic routes that link Tucson with regional cities like Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Albuquerque, and also with other US cities further afield.

Greyhound runs buses from its downtown terminal northwest to Phoenix and then further west to California, as well as east along the I-10 into New Mexico and southwards to connect with vans heading to Nogales on the Mexican border. From Tucson's Amtrak railway station, you can catch the Sunset Limited service west as far as Los Angeles and east as far as New Orleans; it passes through town three times a week.

Getting around Tucson

The trip from the airport into town, or vice versa, can be easily tackled by local bus (though with at least one transfer en-route) for the paltry sum of US$1. If time is not on your side, consider using the 24-hour Arizona Stagecoach van service, which will pick-up/deposit door-to-door for between US$10 and US$20, depending on where you are in the substantial Tucson metropolitan area - double the price of the Stagecoach fare to estimate the cost of using a cab for the same journey.

The local bus company is called Sun Tran and its vehicles operate daily from early morning into the early evening, but there are no buses running at night. The standard fare is US$1, which comes with a free transfer. Sun Tran also runs a single trolley-car route through the downtown area that costs US$0.25 per trip. Car rentals can be arranged at the airport, where all major hire companies have representative branches. Tucson caters well to cyclists, with an extensive system of bike lanes along major roads and some buses equipped with bike racks - you can rent road or mountain bikes for around US$20 per day from various shops around town.

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