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Trinidad & Tobago Activities

View facing west, five minutes before arriving at Maracas Bay, Trinidad

Tobago has some fine strands of beach on a par with many of the Caribbean's better known destinations. There are white-sand beaches and glass-clear water at Store Bay and Pigeon Point. There's a coral reef at Buccoo Bay, not far from Pigeon Point, and a concentration of dive sites around Little Tobago, Goat Island and St Giles Island, three uninhabited islets off Tobago's northern coast. There's also good snorkelling to be found at Pirate's Bay on the northern side of Charlotteville and at Angel Reef off Goat Island.

Trinidad is not known for its beaches, but the island's singular favourite is Maracas Bay, a scenic spot north of Port of Spain. Trinidad boasts several worthwhile hikes, including a fine hiking trail to Blue Basin Waterfall in the Northern Range. Attacks on hikers sometimes occur, so a safe way to get into the wilderness is to join one of the monthly hikes led by the Trinidad & Tobago Field Naturalists Club or one of the frequent walks at the Asa Wright Nature Center. An alternative is to hike in the Tobago Forest Reserve, which has a number of safer trailheads leading into the rainforest. It's not uncommon to see parrots, hummingbirds, motmots, coricos, woodpeckers and trogons on these routes.

To see and hear the birds on Trinidad, check out the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust, the Asa Wright Nature Center or the bird sanctuary on Little Tobago, the islet close to Speyside.

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