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Togo - Introduction

Introduction to Togo

Togolese girls heading to market around Kpalime, near the border with Ghana

Only a pencil-thin strip of land, Togo still receives rave reviews from travellers. While Lomé and the beaches that surround it are the big draws for most vacationers, those who push on will be wowed by its unique village cultures and the vivacity of their markets and festivals.

Full country name: Togolese Republic
Area: 56,600 sq km
Population: 5.4 million
Capital City: Lomé (pop 600,000)
People: 37 ethnic groups (the largest are Ewé, Mina and Kabyè); less than 1% European and Syrian-Lebanese
Language: French, Ewe,
Religion: indigenous beliefs (70%), Christian (20%), Muslim (10%)
Government: republic under transition to multiparty democratic rule
Head of State: President General Gnassingbé Eyadéma
Head of Government: Prime Minister Koffi Sama
GDP: US$6.2 billion
GDP per capita: US$1,300
Annual Growth: 4.8%
Inflation: 15.7%
Major Industries: Phosphate mining, agricultural processing, cement, handicrafts, textiles, beverages
Major Trading Partners: Canada, US, Taiwan, Nigeria, Ghana, China, France, Cameroon

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