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Further reading on Togo

  • The Historical Dictionary of Togo by Samuel Decalo is a hefty compendium of the country's history, culture, politics and development.
  • If you can get your hands on a copy, Allan Wolsey Cardinall's Tales Told in Togoland contains a cornucopia of African myths and legends.
  • Would-be literary anthropologists will want to pick up Ewé Comic Heroes: Trickster Tales in Togo by Zinta Konrad, which includes the Ewé and English versions of 30 traditional stories.
  • George Packer's experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer in Togo in the early 1980s are richly chronicled in The Village of Waiting.
  • An African in Greenland is the most famous book by Togo's most famous author, Tété-Michel Kpomassie, giving the author's outlook on Arctic life.
  • The Birds of Togo: An Annotated Check-List by Robert A Cheke and J Frank Walsh will aid birdwatchers in their flighty pursuits.

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