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Togo Activities

The beaches around Lomé were once Togo's main attraction, with thousands of mainly European tourists descending on them every holiday season. The beaches remain, but you won't see many tourists clogging them up these days. Bear in mind that using the area's beaches can be hazardous, as there's a strong undertow and some locals use the sands as their toilet. Your best bet is to take a cab and head for the secluded and protected shores at Robinson's Plage, 9km (6mi) east of the town centre. As for swimming pools, try the Hôtel Sarakawa's Olympic-sized dip - the biggest in West Africa.

Hiking and camping are possible throughout the country, though oddly enough not always in the national parks. Check with the rangers before you set out. The flattish woodland savannah of La Fosse aux Lions makes for some lovely hiking excursions in the far northern reaches of the country, just south of Dapaong.

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