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Tibet - Getting there & away, getting around

Tibet - Getting there & away

Flights to Gongkar airport, 95km (59mi) from Lhasa, depart Beijing (via Chengdu, Chongqing and Xining), Chamdo, Kathmandu, Xi'an and Zhongdian. There are five major road routes to Lhasa and many travellers band together to rent a 4WD for the spectacular journey to Nepal.

Getting around Tibet

Getting around Tibet can be difficult: the buses are often gasping their last while travelling by 4WD can be expensive. Trucks tend to charge the same inflated prices as buses, but the Chinese government discourages foreigners from hitching rides. 'Road safety' is little more than a slogan. Tibetans tend to rely on prayer to facilitate a safe arrival - you might consider doing the same once you see the conditions.

Bicycling is possible, but is not without its hazards: cyclists in Tibet have died from road accidents, hypothermia and pulmonary oedema.

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