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Facts for the traveller for Tehran

One of the exquisite pieces of work in the Carpet Museum in Tehran

When to Go to Tehran

The best times to visit are during late spring (mid-April to early June) and autumn (late September to early November). Avoid coming in winter and the Iranian New Year (about 21 March) and two weeks after it. Many restaurants close between dawn and dusk during the month of Ramazan.

Tehran Events

Two festivals held in Tehran are the Iranian Epic Music Festival, usually held in April, and the Fajr International Film Festival, usually held in February. Tehranis also celebrate a number of religious and national holidays. Just about everything that can close will close on a religious holiday, so it's important to find out when they fall - dates vary each year. Major events include Ramazan, the month of dawn to dusk fasting; Eid-é Fetr, the one-day festival of feasting that marks the end of Ramazan; Qadir-é Khom, which commemorates the day that the Prophet Mohammed appointed Emam Ali his successor; and the birthday of Mohammed.

National holidays follow the Persian solar calendar, but still usually fall on the same day each year according to the Western calendar. The big bangers include the lustily titled Magnificent Victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran on 11 February, which is the anniversary of Khomeini's coming to power in 1979, while the 10 days leading up to this day are often celebrated in Tehran with concerts and other cultural events. No Ruz or Iranian New Year (21 to 24 March) is celebrated enthusiastically, while the Heart-Rending Departure of the Great Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran on 4 June commemorates the death of Khomeini in 1989.

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