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Tehran - Attractions

The interior of one of the many traditional restaurants in Tehran

Glass & Ceramics Museum

The Glass & Ceramics Museum is one of the most impressive museums in Tehran, not only for its professionally organised exhibits, but also for the fabulous building itself.

Golestan Palace

This complex offers seven buildings that are open to the public, set around a lovely garden. Highlights include the Ivan-e Takht-é Marmar (Marble Throne Verandah), Negar Khane (Art Gallery), the wind towers and the Ethnographical Museum.

Jewels Museum

The Jewels Museum houses incredible jewellery over which wars were waged.

National Museum of Iran

This museum houses a marvellous collection including ceramics, stone figures and carvings dating from around the 5th millenium BC. Many of the impressive relics are taken from excavations at Persepolis, Isma'il Abad, Shush, Rey and Turang Tappeh and will probably mean more to you if you come here after you've visited the archaeological sites. The entrance fee allows you to visit the Museum of the Islamic Period next door, which contains Islamic art such as calligraphy, ceramics, woodcarvings and textiles.

Reza Abbasi Museum

The Reza Abbasi Museum contains examples of Islamic painting, decorative pieces, carvings and fine examples of Lorestan bronzes.

Sa'd Abad Museum Complex

The Sa'd Abad Museum Complex includes the last Shah's White Palace, the prettier Green Palace and the Museum of Fine Arts; the grounds are a superb place to have tea.

Tehran Bazaar

Tehran's best non-museum sight, the haphazard bazaar is so big it's practically a separate city. Each corridor specialises in a particular commodity; you'll be pounced upon in the carpet area. Worth a look is the busy Emam Khomeini Mosque, which is in the bazar. Otherwise, just wander around the labyrinth of streets and alleys. Try and visit in the morning, when the bazar is at its best.

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