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Tehran - Getting there & away, getting around

Tehran - Getting there & away

There are a number of international flights to/from Tehran's Mehrabad international airort. You can take direct flights to Tehran from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and even the USA. You can also get to Iran by boat from Sharjah, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait. Currently, it is safe and easy to enter Iran overland from Turkey, while the more adventurous may try entering via Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. Due to the conflict in Afghanistan, it is currently not advisable to enter via Pakistan. Note that the sea and overland border options leave you a long way from Tehran.

Tehran is well served by flights from many destinations in the country. The really good news is that domestic flights in Iran are among the world's cheapest and flights, particularly on Iran Air, are reliable and safe. The country has an extensive bus and minibus network, so getting to and from Tehran at most times won't be too problematic. For long trips, try to take a 'super' or 'Volvo' service, which costs a little more, but is more comfortable. Iran's train network is impressive, with Tehran being at its hub. Trains are usually more comfortable than buses (particularly for overnight trips) and are safer, faster and the scenery is generally better than that seen from buses.

Getting around Tehran

Bus services cover virtually all of Tehran, but they are slow and crowded - many visitors end up taking taxis. It takes a lot of skill to be able to use shared taxis here. The small metro and trolleybus services are of limited use to travellers, although the metro grid is to be expanded. As the traffic in Tehran is homicidal, it's better if you don't drive here.

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