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Taos - Off the beaten track

Eagle Nest

This windswept town, set in high plains, serves as a cheap base from which to hike, fish, ski and snowmobile in the surrounding mountains.


Earthships are the brainchild of architect Michael Reynolds, whose idea was to develop a building method that 'eliminates stress from both the planet and its inhabitants'. The Earthships are constructed of used automobile tires and cans into which earth has been pounded. Buried on three sides by earth, they are designed to heat and cool themselves, make their own electricity and catch their own water. Sewage is decomposed naturally, and dwellers grow their own food. They are open daily for tours and are available for rental. The tour office is located 1.5mi (2.5km) past the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge on Highway 64 West.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

On Highway 64 about 12mi (19km) northwest of Taos, the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge is the second-highest suspension bridge in the USA. Built in 1965, the vertigo-inducing steel bridge spans 500ft (150m) across the gorge and 650ft (200m) above the river below. The views west over the emptiness of the Taos Plateau and down into the jagged walls of the Rio Grande are incredible. From Taos, turn left at the blinking light and head out past the airport.

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