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Taos - Attractions

Harwood Foundation Museum

Housed in a historic mid-19th-century adobe compound, the Harwood Foundation Museum features paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture and photography by northern New Mexico artists, both historical and contemporary. Founded in 1923, the museum has been run by the University of New Mexico since 1936, making it the second-oldest museum in the state. Located a short stroll southwest of the Plaza, the museum is next to the Blumenschein Home and Museum, featuring works by important local artist Ernest Blumenschein.

Kit Carson Home & Museum

Celebrating one of America's great frontiersmen, the Kit Carson Museum pays homage to Kit at the site of the home he lived in from 1843 until his death in 1868. Built in 1825 with 30-inch adobe walls and traditional territorial architecture, the home's 12 rooms are today furnished as they may have been during Carson's days. A portion of Carson's original adobe abode forms part of the museum, which features artefacts from the mid-1800s and exhibits highlighting aspects of Hispanic and Native American cultures in the region. The museum is a short walk east from Taos Plaza. It's open daily in the summer.

Taos Pueblo

Built around 1450 and continuously inhabited ever since, Taos Pueblo is the largest existing multistoried pueblo structure in the USA and one of the best surviving examples of traditional adobe construction. An informal tour, ranging from 15 to 40 minutes depending on who is giving it, is offered daily (no fee, but you should tip the guide).

Taos Pueblo plays host to a wide range of cultural events through the year. If you're in the area in early January, don't miss the Native American dances. In February, March and August, Taos Pueblo may be closed for sacred ceremonial dances. You must pay a fee to photograph, videotape, sketch or paint the pueblo. Taos Pueblo is located in the Taos Pueblo Indian Reservation, a couple of miles northeast of town.

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