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Taipei - Facts for the traveller, when to go, events

Facts for the traveller for Taipei

Statue of Chiang Kaishek inside the Memorial Building

When to Go to Taipei

Taipei is good all year round, though the humidity could really get to you if you're staying for an extended period of time. The best time to combine relatively warm temperatures and little rain is in October and November, though typhoons are still a possibility in October.

Taipei Events

The Taiwanese celebrate often through the year, with many solar and lunar festivals keeping fireworks companies in business. The most interesting and low-key of 'festivals' is Ghost Month, which is in the seventh lunar month. The devout believe that ghosts from hell walk the earth at this time, so many avoid travelling, getting married, swimming or even moving house. Consequently, it's a pretty good time for foreigners to move about and avoid the crowds. Chinese New Year is at the start of the lunar year, and celebrations last for several days. Book ahead for travel and accommodation, and expect to pay triple-price for a hotel room.

National Day falls on 10 October, so is often called 'Double 10th Day'. Big military parades are held near the Presidential Building and at night the Tamsui River is alight with fireworks. Other days to look out for include the Dragon Boat Festival in June, Constitution Day on 25 December and Founding Day on 1 January.

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