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Syria - Money & Costs

Money & Costs in Syria

Spices in the Damas Souk Currency: Syrian Pound
  • Budget: US$1-5
  • Mid-range: US$5-10
  • High: $10+

  • Lodging
  • Budget: US$4-20
  • Mid-range: US$20-70
  • High: US$70+

  • Syria is still a pretty cheap place to visit, but it's definitely getting more expensive. It is possible (but you'd have to be pretty desperate) to get by on US$15-20 a day, if you're prepared to sleep in fleabags and live on felafel and juice. If you'd prefer to stay in a room with its own bathroom and eat in restaurants once a day, you'll need to budget about US$30-40 a day.

    Cash is king in Syria, but travellers' cheques, of course, are safer. There's no commission for changing cash, but you'll pay per transaction for cheques. You're unlikely to get a cash advance on your credit card, but plastic is increasingly accepted by bigger hotels and stores, and for buying air tickets or renting cars.

    Tipping is the oil that keeps the Middle East running smoothly. Waiters in better restaurants expect a tip, and if you don't give one they'll probably short change you anyway. People who open doors for you and people who carry your luggage will also expect a tip, but it's up to you to decide if it's worth it. Bargaining is integral when buying souvenirs - you won't have to try very hard to get the asking price halved.

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