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Syria - Further reading

Further reading on Syria

  • The Gates of Damascus by Lieve Joris gives a unique insight into everyday life in Syria. This book is part of Lonely Planet's Journeys series of travel literature.
  • Lady Gertrude Lowthian Bell was travelling the Middle East when most of her contemporaries were crocheting doilies. Syria - the Desert & the Sown is her quirky account of Syria before WWI.
  • Syria - 1945-1986 by Derek Hopwood casts a cursory glance over recent Syrian history and gives a pretty nice summary.
  • If you want to feel guilty about going there, try Syria Unmasked, put together by the Middle East Watch, which gives a damning account of the country's human rights record.
  • Zenobia: Empress of the East by Glenn Barnett is a pretty good primer for a visit to Palmyra.

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