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Slovenia - Introduction

Introduction to Slovenia

Zmajski Most (Dragon Bridge), Ljubljana

Rich in resources, naturally good looking and persistently peaceful, Slovenia has been doing just fine since its break from the former Yugoslavia in 1991. No longer the undiscovered, bargain gem that it was, Slovenia still remains a wonderful antidote to much of Europe's crowds and high prices.

Full country name: Republic of Slovenia (Republika Slovenija)
Area: 20,273 sq km
Population: 1.93 million
Capital City: Ljubljana (pop 330,000)
People: Slovenian 88%, Croat 3%, Serb 2%
Language: Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, German, English
Religion: Roman Catholic (72%), atheist (4.3%), Eastern Orthodox Christian (2.4%), Muslim (1%), Protestant (1%)
Government: parliamentary democratic republic
Head of State: President Janez Drnovsek
Head of Government: Prime Minister Anton Rop
GDP: US$37.06 billion
GDP per capita: US$19,200
Annual Growth: 3.5%
Inflation: 8%
Major Industries: Textiles, manufacturing, timber products, agriculture
Major Trading Partners: EU (esp. Germany, Croatia, Italy, France, Austria)
Member of EU: yes

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