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Further reading on Slovenia

  • Independent Slovenia: Origins, Movements, Prospects is a good compilation of essays by Slovenian activists and analysts explaining the hows and whys of Slovenia's independence movement.
  • A superb book, with excellent photos and text that delves into Slovenian culture, history and folklore, is Mountains of Slovenia (Cankarjeva Zalozba) by Matjaz Kmecl.
  • Slovene for Travellers by Miran Hladnik not only has conversational phrases by topic but also includes excellent cultural information and travel tips.
  • The Tenth Brother (Deseti Brat) published in 1866 by Josip Jurcic was the first full-length novel in Slovene. It's the tragic and realistic story of an illegitimate son's desire for revenge.
  • Playwright Ivan Cankar has been called 'the outstanding master of Slovenian prose', and his works, notably The Ward of Our Lady of Mercy (Hisa Marije Pomocnice) and The Bailiff Yerney and His Rights (Hlapec Jernej in Njegova Pravica), influenced a generation of younger Slovene writers.

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