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Shanghai - Off the beaten track

Statue of Confucius, Confucius temple, old town

Huangpu River Cruise

There are three main perspectives on Shanghai - from the gutters, from the battlements of the tourist fortresses and from the water. The Huangpu River offers some remarkable views of the Bund and the riverfront activity at night as well as during the day. Tour boats leave for 1, 2 and 3.5-hour tours from the dock on the Bund.

Both day and night tours offer excellent sights. The best but dearest choice is the three and a half hour, 60km (38mi) round-trip cruise, which takes you up the Huangpu to Wusongkou, the junction with the Yangzi River, and back.

Huzhou Pagoda

Huzhou Pagoda, built in 1079 AD, is the leaning tower of China, with an inclination now exceeding the tower at Pisa by 1.5 degrees - at last count. The 19m (62ft) tower started tilting about 200 years ago. It's on Tianmashan in Songjiang County, 20km (12mi) southwest of Shanghai. Bus No 113 from Shanghai train station terminates there.

Yunnan Road Night Market

A good stroll west of the Bund on Nanjing Lu, the night market is a nightly mini-festival of food at very reasonable prices. If you're feeling queasy, stay away from Nanjing Lu. It's pretty much Shanghai's prime eating strip - and just about anything gets eaten here.

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