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Shanghai Activities

The logo for Yongshe fast food, looking like a cross between Colonel Sanders and Chairman Mao

There is no shortage of heartrate-raising, sweat-inducing activities in and around Shanghai. Western-style health clubs are becoming more common; otherwise try a hotel gym. Cycling or swimming will have you panting, or you can head to Shanghai Stadium, which brims over with sport and sport-like entertainments from badminton to tennis to skateboarding. Tenpin bowling is a bit of a craze in China; there are more than 200 tenpin bowling alleys in Shanghai to try. Golf courses have invaded the suburbs of Shanghai; as elsewhere, it's a sport of the well-to-do. Check the listings magazines for information on a host of other sports, including martial arts. When you need to chill out after all that exercise, treat yourself to a massage or spa. Ask a local to direct you to a legitimate, small specialist massage clinic.

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