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Further reading on Seoul

  • One of the most up-to-date histories is Harvard University's Korea Old and New - A History of Korea, and another current title is Korea: Tradition and Transformation, by Andrew C Nahm.
  • Martina Deuchler's Confucian Gentlemen and Barbarian Envoys is a fine work that covers the opening of Korea between 1875 and 1885.
  • A good primer, covering shamanism, Confucianism and Buddhism is Korea's Cultural Roots, by Jon Carter Covell. Folk Art and Magic - Shamanism in Korea is an excellent work by Covell's son, Alan Covell.
  • The best-known Korean novelist of the 20th century is Ahn Cheong-hyo, who wrote Silver Stallion, a story about the Korean War. The Shadow of Arms by Hwang Suk-young is a novel that explores Korean culture as experienced by a young boy living in the countryside.

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