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Seoul - Getting there & away, getting around

Seoul - Getting there & away

Most major international airlines fly into Incheon International Airport (37mi/60km from Seoul), and the two Korean airlines, Asiana Airlines and Korean Air (KAL), fly both domestic and international routes.

There are no international buses leading to or from Seoul, but there's no shortage of long-distance buses to get you across the country. The main station is the express bus terminal, on the southern side of the Han River. The dong Seoul (east) bus terminal is useful for reaching destinations on South Korea's east coast. The first-class coaches are luxurious, with cushy seats and plenty of leg room. Signs and stops are in Korean only, so if you don't speak the language it may be a good idea to plan your journey in advance.

There are no international trains to Seoul, but South Korea has an extensive rail network operated by Korea National Railroad (KNR). Most trains depart from Seoul station (tel 02-393 7008; subway Lines 1 and 4); a monthly timetable is available from bookshops. Long-distance share taxis also operate from the station, Incheon ferry terminal, and the express bus terminal.

Getting around Seoul

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