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Seoul Activities

Defending the US Embassy

Walking tours should be high on most people's lists, just to get a feel for the town and see some of the sights. Cycling is another great way to combine exercise and sightseeing. There are two golf courses within city limits, and another 46 in the surrounding province, but prices won't seem particularly reasonable to many Western visitors. Health clubs often offer day membership. Traditional Korean-style archery and the Western form are practised in Seoul, with archery ranges usually found out of town.

The cold winters and mountainous terrain around Seoul lend themselves perfectly to skiing, and Lotte World shopping centre has year-round, indoor ice skating, although you should try and avoid it on weekends. While Seoul lacks a sizeable ocean or a lake, water sports such as windsurfing and water skiing are possible in summer on the Han River; paragliding is also available.

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