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Further reading on Santa Barbara

  • Tales of Santa Barbara edited by Steven Gilbar and Dean Stewart is a collection of poetry, fiction and non-fiction. It includes folk stories of the Chumash Native American Indians, accounts of the city at the time of the missions and the Gold Rush, and excerpts from the crime novels of Sue Grafton.
  • Literary bad boy and sometime Santa Barbara resident T.C. Boyle caused a stir round the bay and the polo club with his book, The Tortilla Curtain. This ironic, black-hearted novel contrasts the lives of a pampered white middle-class Californian couple and an illegal immigrant couple from Mexico.
  • For something unintentionally amusing and the chance to imagine every sightseeing location as a potential crime scene, try East Beach: A Mystery Featuring Jake Sands by Ron Ely. Follow the adventures of Jake Sands, world-weary retired detective and coffee-addict, as he investigates a murder where the clues lead him into the dangerous, seriously competitive world of Santa Barbara beach volleyball.

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