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San Juan - Getting there & away, getting around

San Juan - Getting there & away

Puerto Rico is the most accessible island in the Caribbean. San Juan is a major hub for American Airlines, so there's easy access to its US domestic network. A number of other North American carriers fly between Puerto Rico and a score of mainland cities; Miami has the most frequent flights. British Airways has services from London, Iberia from Madrid and Lufthansa from Frankfurt.

There are excellent air connections to a heap of Caribbean islands, including BWIA flights to Antigua, Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad, and Air France connections to Guadeloupe and Martinique. American Airlines and American Eagle have short-hop flights to the popular day-trip destination of St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. There are also flights to South and Central American destinations. There's a US$5 airport departure tax when leaving San Juan, usually prepaid with your airline ticket.

Getting around San Juan

Your two feet are the best means of exploring Old San Juan and the immediate vicinity. There's a free tourist trolley within the old city - look for the 'parada' sign indicating where the bus stops. Getting farther afield can be trickier. Public bus service is cheap but less than reliable, leaving taxis and car rentals your best options for getting around greater San Juan and making excursions. Metered taxis are plentiful. Tourist taxis (white with a sentry box logo on the door) offer fixed-rate travel within tourist areas from the airport to Old San Juan.

International car rental agencies are well represented on the island, and there are plenty of local operators. Your home driver's license is valid. Note that local driving habits are erratic (to be kind) though relatively aggression-free (to be fair). Also watch out for the speed limit signs, which are in miles per hour, even though distances are in kilometers. Drive on the right-hand side of the road.

San Juan's Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport is on the eastern fringe of the city, about 16 km (10mi) from Old San Juan. There are car rental agencies at the airport and plenty of taxis and buses for the short jaunt into town.

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