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Saint Vincent & the Grenadines - Introduction

Introduction to Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

St Vincent & the Grenadines form a multi-island nation well known to wintering yachties, aristocrats and rock stars but off the beaten path for most other visitors. Despite its pockets of lotus-eating luxury, for the most part it's a refreshingly rugged and raw-edged backwater.

Full country name: St Vincent & the Grenadines
Area: 150 sq km
Population: 120,519
People: African (75%), Black Carib (1%) and Scottish
Language: English
Religion: Anglican, Methodist, Roman Catholic, Seventh-Day Adventist
Government: independent state within the British Commonwealth
Head of State: Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne
Head of Government: Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves
GDP: US$289 million
GDP per capita: US$2,400
Annual Growth: 4%
Inflation: 3.6%
Major Industries: Agriculture (mainly bananas), food processing, cement, furniture, clothing, starch, tourism, fishing.
Major Trading Partners: USA (36%), Caricom countries (21%), UK (18%), Trinidad & Tobago (13%)

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