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Saint Vincent & the Grenadines - Culture

Saint Vincent & the Grenadines Culture

St Vincent & the Grenadines share traditional West Indian culture, giving it a multi-ethnic twist of African, Black Carib, French and British influences. Musically, islanders go for reggae, calypso and steel bands. Sports-wise they prefer British forms like cricket and soccer. Some of the Grenadine islands, Bequia in particular, have long been reliant upon the sea for a living; boat building, both full-scale and models, is an island art form. The local patois is a mix of French, Spanish and various African languages.

St Vincent has rich volcanic soil and produces most of the fruits and vegetables sold throughout the Grenadines. Seafood is abundant, with conch, fish, shrimp, whelk and lobster appearing on most menus. Common West Indian foods include callaloo soup, pumpkin soup, rotis, saltfish and various breadfruit preparations, including the national dish, which is breadfruit and fried jackfish. Try the sweet and juicy St Vincent orange, which is ripe while still green, or the locally distilled Captain Bligh Rum.

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