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Saint Vincent & the Grenadines - Activities

Saint Vincent & the Grenadines Activities

There are exceptional white-sand beaches on virtually all of the Grenadines and some tan and black-sand beaches on St Vincent. Apart from sunbathing or building sand castles, the islands offer first-rate diving and snorkeling. The waters offer excellent visibility and coral reefs. Divers will find colorful sponges, soft corals, great stands of elkhorn coral, branching gorgonian and black corals, and a few sunken wrecks. There's a range of dives for any level of experience.

Owia Bay, in the northeastern corner of St Vincent, has good tidepools and a popular swimming hole. Lower Bay, at the southern end of Admiralty Bay on Bequia, has some of the island's best swimming and snorkeling. Canouan, midway in the Grenadine chain, has beautiful beaches and great reefs for snorkeling. Unimpeded tradewinds make the Grenadines great for windsurfing; try Bequia's sandy Friendship Bay.

There are many good hikes on St Vincent, including the Vermont Nature Trails and the more challenging trek up the La Soufrière volcano, which passes through banana estates and rainforest and, weather permitting, up to the rim for a view of the crater.

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