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Further reading on Rome

  • Daily Life in Ancient Rome by Jerome Carcopino: This social history is a good read if you want the nitty gritty of ancient Roman life.
  • Traveller's Literary Companion to Italy by Martin Garrett: A handy potted edition with insights on how great writers saw the country.
  • Rome: Biography of a City by Christopher Hibbert: This life of the city makes an excellent backgrounder.
  • Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon: The hands-down classic on life in the Roman empire, but at a couple of hefty volumes it can be a challenging read.
  • Diane Seed's Rome for All Seasons by Diane Seed: A delicious primer for the flavours of the city that'll have you cooking up the Eternal City in your kitchen.
  • M by Peter Robb: A 'faction' biography of Caravaggio that brings 16th- and 17th-century Rome to life.
  • Roman Architecture by Frank Sear: Impress you dinner party pals with your erudite building knowledge with this university text.
  • A Handbook of Roman Art by Martin Henig: Want to know what all the pretty pictures are about? Pick up a copy of this in-depth tome.
  • Rome: an Interactive Guide to Ancient Rome by Anne Pearson: Bored of words? Try this intercative guide which includes models and games about the classical city.
  • I, Claudius by Robert Graves: Graves' historofictional page-turner is packed with deceit, poisoning, incest and otter's noses.
  • Virgil by Aenid: The original word from one who was there.

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