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Reykjavik - Activities

Reykjavik Activities

Iceland's capital is the place to garner equipment and supplies before setting off into the wilderness to camp, hike, bike or ski, or alternatively to fork out some cash to a private company to do all the organising for you. Within the city limits, your active choices include sports like squash and bowling. There are a number of swimming pools, the biggest being the Laugardalur pool, where you can also occupy a jacuzzi, solarium, steam or mud bath, or a waterslide. Runners will want to condition themselves for a trip to Reykjavik in August, when the city puts on a marathon, a half-marathon and several shorter fun runs within a few weeks of each other.

Perhaps not surprisingly in a city where darkness rules over much of winter, indoor diversions are very popular. The main shopping district is along the thoroughfare of Laugavegur, from Lækjargata eastwards to the Hlemmur bus terminal; there's another cash-sucking strip along Austurstræti. There are plenty of cafes, discos and pubs scattered across the Old Town; drinking and dancing establishments usually stay open until 1am on weekdays and as late as 4am on weekends.

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