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Qatar - Getting there & away, getting around

Qatar - Getting there & away

One of four part-owners of Gulf Air (along with Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Oman), Qatar recently launched its own national carrier, Qatar Airways. If you fly either of these airlines you can get to Doha from anywhere in the Gulf, most of Asia, as well as from New York and a number of cities in India and Pakistan. There are also occasional flights from Bangkok, Cairo, Melbourne and Nairobi. The only European cities served are Athens and London. The added competition has not made a dent in the high cost of airfares; flights between Qatar and New York are particularly expensive. There's no departure tax from Doha. Qatar has no bus or taxi service to neighbouring Saudi Arabia or the UAE, but you can cross over the borders in your own car if you have a valid visa.

Getting around Qatar

Qatar's small, serviceable airport is in the south-eastern section of Doha. Qatar does not have a bus or service-taxi system, so regular taxis and rented cars are your only options for getting to and from the airport and around the country. You can rent a car on most foreign licences, and while driving can be a little hairy, you'll have no problem getting fuel. You should be able to get a decent car in Doha or at the airport for around US$30 a day.

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