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Further reading on Oahu

  • Hawaiian Mythology, by Martha Beckwith, is a translated compendium of Hawaii's old myths and legends. Beckwith also translated the legendary Hawaiian song in The Kumulipo: A Hawaiian Creation Chant.
  • To gain some understanding of local social customs, beliefs and cultural practices, have a look at the two-volume Nana I Ke Kumu (Look to the Source), by Mary K Pukui, EW Haertig and Catherine A Lee (Hui Hanai).
  • The three-volume The Hawaiian Kingdom, by Ralph S Kuykendall, was published in the late 1960s and is regarded as the definitive work on Hawaiian history from European contact in 1778 to the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani in 1893.
  • For an idea of what first-time visitors like Captain Cook, Isabella Bird and Mark Twain thought, pick up the paperback anthology A Hawaiian Reader, edited by A Grove Day and Carl Stroven.
  • Foremost among contemporary island authors is GA Bushnell, whose historical novels are published by the University of Hawaii Press. They include The Return of Lono, about Captain Cook's fatal voyage, and The Stone of Kannon, which concerns the arrival of the first Japanese laborers.

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