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Oahu - Getting there & away, getting around

Oahu - Getting there & away

Unless you decide to chug over to Oahu courtesy of an organized cruise, or hire a Tahitian sailor to paddle you over from California, you'll be jetting in to the major Pacific hub of Honolulu International Airport, a busy complex to the west of town surrounded by US army and navy installations. The airport departure tax - up to US$7 depending on your destination - is usually included in the price of your ticket. From Honolulu, you can catch either a Hawaiian Airlines, Aloha Airlines or Island Air flight to the state's other major airports on Kauai, Maui and Big Islands.

Getting around Oahu

Oahu's spic-and-span public bus system - creatively named TheBus - covers most of Oahu and is easy to use, though timetables sometimes fall victim to laid-back 'Hawaiian Time'. You can circumnavigate the island in as little as four hours by catching the Circle Island bus service. There are numerous car-rental agencies at the airport and in Honolulu, while mopeds and bicycles can be rented in Waikiki.

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