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Oahu Activities

Enjoying the rapid surge of the 'Toilet,' the Halona

Recreation breaks out in a sweat on water-worshipping Oahu, where the sea-related activities include swimming, surfing, boogie-boarding, windsurfing, ocean kayaking, snorkeling and diving. For dedicated beach-bums there are around 50 beach 'parks', half of them patrolled and most equipped with toilets and showers. Deep-sea fishing is also popular here, with black and Pacific blue marlin the favored catches.

Back on dry land there are numerous hiking possibilities, the most tramped being the crater-to-summit trail at Diamond Head, the scenic route around Kaena Point in the island's west, and the network of tracks threading Tantalus and the Makiki Heights just outside Honolulu. Running is pursued with vigor by locals and visitors alike, while golfers can wear their mismatched pastels on one of Oahu's busy courses.

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