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New Caledonia - Introduction

Introduction to New Caledonia

A romantic setting for a tropical holiday, Muli (Mouly) Beach, Muli, Ouvea Atoll, Loyalty Islands

Options for travellers in New Caledonia are vast, from diving in pristine reefs to dining out à la français, from trekking in unspoilt rainforest to partying the night away at Club Med. With a nod to local custom and an open mind, a trip to New Caledonia will be unforgettable.

Full country name: New Caledonia and Dependencies
Area: 19,000 sq km
Population: 222,000
Capital City: Noumea
People: Melanesian (44.1%), European (31.4%), Pacific Islanders & Indonesians
Language: French
Religion: Roman Catholic (70%), Protestant (16%), indigenous beliefs, Muslims
Government: French Overseas Territory, governed by France
GDP: US$300 million
GDP per capita: US$14,800
Inflation: 1.7%
Major Industries: Nickel mining, agriculture.
Major Trading Partners: Australia, New Zealand
Member of EU: yes

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