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Nauru - Introduction

Introduction to Nauru

Nauru offers little to the traveller, but that is likely to change once the phosphate bubble bursts in a few years. A colourful reef dotted with sunken WWII wrecks surrounds the island, the waters make great diving and the sport fishing is incomparable.

Full country name: Republic of Nauru
Area: 21 sq km
Population: 11,300
Capital City: No official capital (government offices in Yaren District)
People: Melanesian, Polynesian, Pacific Islanders, Asians, Europeans
Language: English, Nauru
Religion: Christian, mostly Nauruan Protestant Church
Government: Westminster-style democracy
Head of State: President René Harris
GDP: US$100 million
GDP per capita: US$7,270
Major Industries: Mining
Major Trading Partners: Australia & New Zealand

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