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Nashville - Getting there & away, getting around

Nashville - Getting there & away

Nine major carriers operate out of Nashville International Airport (BNA), including American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, Southwest and United. Not a major hub, Nashville can be more expensive to fly into than neighboring Memphis.

Nashville is linked to the rest of the US via Greyhound bus lines, but the most scenic way to approach the city is along the Natchez Trace Parkway, which begins in Natchez, Mississippi, and terminates just south of Nashville off Hwy 100.

Getting around Nashville

Nashville International Airport is 8 miles (13km) east of downtown off I-40. An Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) bus connects the airport and downtown, and many hotels have complimentary shuttles for airport service. Taxi cabs and rental cars are also available.

Downtown is easily managed on foot, and a river taxi is the best way to get from there to Opryland. But for most other attractions and districts, it's easiest to get around by car. Pedaling is an alternative - the streets are wide and flat enough and drivers are courteous - but bikes are a rare sight in town.

MTA operates a trolley-like shuttle between major tourist sites at the riverfront and out to Music Row.

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