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Nashville - Activities

Nashville Activities

Within Nashville, Centennial Park is the city's most popular spot for urban recreation. The Centennial Park Sportsplex offers a swimming pool, tennis courts and an ice skating rink off West End Ave. Riverfront Park is a favorite with walkers and joggers. You can rent in-line skates and bicycles downtown.

Miles of easy to moderate hiking trails crisscross the 1000 acre (400 hectare) Radnor Lake State Natural Area in the Overton Hills, 6 miles (10km) south of downtown. The scenic sanctuary surrounding the lake is a favorite retreat of Nashville folk. Southwest of town, Percy Warner Park and Edwin Warner Park also offer hiking through wooded hills, and they're close to the northern terminus of the Natchez Trace Parkway, a 200 mile (320km) corridor of parkland that stretches from Nashville all the way to Natchez, Mississippi. It's one of the most popular bicycle touring routes in the country.

Parkland surrounds most of J Percy Priest Reservoir, 10 miles (15km) east of downtown, and there are a number of recreation areas around the lake with facilities for camping, swimming and fishing. Around Old Hickory Dam, 25 miles (40km) northeast of town, the Hermitage Recreation Area is developed as a resort, and you can arrange boating or sailing excursions on Old Hickory Lake.

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