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Montevideo - Getting there & away, getting around

Montevideo - Getting there & away

Uruguay is almost a satellite of Argentina as far as getting there and away goes. Most international flights to and from Montevideo go to Buenos Aires' Ezeiza Airport before continuing on to Uruguay's Aeropuerto Carrasco on a smaller flight. The most common means of crossing between Montevideo and Buenos Aires is by ferry or hydrofoil. Buses are also popular for land crossings into Brazil and Argentina and arrive/depart from the modern Terminal Tres Cruces at Bulevar Artigas and Av Italia. There are no passenger rail services in Uruguay.

Getting around Montevideo

Montevideo's improving fleet of buses go just about everywhere throughout the city. They are cheap and tickets are available from the bus driver or conductor, who will ask for your destination. Most bus routes cease by 10:30pm-11pm. Hiring a car is almost as expensive as in Argentina and not necessarily practical in a place as small as Uruguay. Taxis are safe and metered but can be expensive, with additional surcharges for luggage and on travel between 10pm-6am as well as on weekends and holidays.

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