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Mexico City - Further reading

Further reading on Mexico City

  • Le Capital - The Biography of Mexico City by Jonathan Kandell is a lively account of the ultra-lively city. It covers weird and wonderful characters, as well as issues, 'isms' and acronyms.
  • Michael C Meyer & William L Sherman's The Course of Mexican History also deals out some of the capital's history, and will help you see the capital in Mexico's wider context.
  • Urban Leviathan - Mexico City in the 20th Century by Diane E Davis is a detailed treatment of the city's politics, economy and society since the Porfiriato.
  • Distant Neighbors by Alan Riding is a good intro to modern Mexico and the country's love-hate relationship with the USA, while The Mexicans is its microcosmic counterpart, in a way, zeroing in on the lives of 20 individual Mexico City residents.
  • The Mexico City section of Endangered Mexico: An Environment on the Edge by Joel Simon provides a good deal of background on the city's environmental crises.
  • Good books on Mexico's 20th-century artists include Diego Rivera's biography My Art, My Life; Patrick Marnham's 1998 biography of Rivera, Dreaming with His Eyes Open; Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo by Hayden Herrera; another biography, Frida Kaholo, by Malka Drucker; and The Mexican Muralists by Alma M Reed.

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