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Mauritius - Introduction

Introduction to Mauritius

African influence: the Rasta beat

Mauritius is the most accessible island in the Indian Ocean, boasting as much tropical paradise as Maui or Martinique and, better still, offering it at a bargain. Though nestled up alongside Africa, it's actually more influenced by its British and French ties and massive Indian workforce.

Full country name: Republic of Mauritius
Area: 1,860 sq km
Population: 1.2 million
Capital City: Port Louis (pop 150,000)
People: Indo-Mauritian (68%), Créole (27%), Sino-Mauritian (3%), Franco-Mauritian (2%)
Language: English, French, Hindi, Urdu, Bhojpuri
Religion: Hindu (51%), Christian (30%), Muslim (17%)
Government: parliamentary democracy
GDP: US$11.7 billion
GDP per capita: US$10,300
Annual Growth: 5%
Inflation: 6%
Major Industries: Sugar, textiles, tea, tobacco, tourism
Major Trading Partners: EU, US, South Africa, India

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