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Further reading on Mauritius

  • Bad news for climbers: Mountains of Mauritius by Robert Marsh is now out of print, though photocopies can sometimes be arranged at the Carnegie Library in Curepipe, where many rare books on Mauritius can be found. The book is unsurpassed in its field.
  • The Dive Sites of Mauritius by Alan Mountain is a comprehensive and well presented source of undersea information.
  • If you're hot to brush up on Mauritian Créole, pick up Parlez Créole by James Burty David, Lilette David and Clarel Seenyen.
  • Dr Auguste Toussaint is the preeminent historian of Mauritius - look for Port Louis: A Tropical City and his best known work, The History of the Indian Ocean.
  • For comparison, try A New History of Mauritius by John Addison and K Hazareesingh, The Truth about Mauritius by Basdeo Bissoondoyal and The Historical Dictionary of Mauritius by Lindsay Riviere.
  • Select Documents on Indian Immigration by Saloni Deerpalsingh and Marina Carter provides detailed information on the subject.
  • There are several excellent guidebooks to the flora and fauna of Mauritius and the Indian Ocean in general. For fish, try A Guide to the Common Reef Fish of the Western Indian Ocean by KR Bock; for birds, read Birds of Mauritius by Claude Michel; and for a little bit of everything, look for Fauna of Mauritius and Associated Flora by France Staub and Golden Bats & Pink Pigeons by Gerald Durrell.
  • Bernadin de St Pierre's Paul et Virginie is the Mauritian literary reference that just won't die. Read it for the background rather than the sappy story.
  • Joseph Conrad's short story A Smile of Fortune takes place on Mauritius, as does part of his novel Twixt Land and Sea.

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