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Facts for the traveller for Kolkata

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When to Go to Kolkata

At a mighty altitude of 6m (21ft) and too far south of the Himalayas to receive their cooling effect, Kolkata is remarkably temperate all year round. The best time to visit is from October to February when most fairs and festivals are celebrated and the weather on its least oppressive behaviour.

Kolkata Events

In late January/early Februrary, Asia's largest book fair is held on the Maidan and is a sight to behold. Also in January is the Dover Lane Musical Conference, which gives visitors a chance to celebrate Indian classical music. If you happen to be in town around mid-April you won't fail to notice Naba Barsha, the Bengali New Year, when the locals go as crazy as the firecrackers. In October, the festival of Durga Puja sees the Hooghly River put to good use with idols of the goddess Durga taking a dip during this time of much festivity around Kolkata. In the lead-up to Christmas the National Theatre Festival hosts theatre performances from India and neighbouring countries.

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