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Kolkata Activities

Barbers doing what barbers do in Calcutta

As with the rest of India, there is no shortage of activities, spiritual and physical, to satisfy the energies of travellers. Kolkata's colonial heritage also offers activities rarely found elsewhere in India. The magnificent Royal Calcutta Golf Club at the Tollygunge Club is the oldest golf club in the world outside Britain (established 1829). The club also offers horse riding and swimming; unfortunately, you can only enjoy these luxuries if you are staying at the club, are a club member or guest of a club member. Other options for indulging in a cooling dip are restricted to upmarket hotel stayers. The only hotels that allow nonguests to use their pool are the Hotel Hindustan International and ITDC Hotel Airport Ashok (the Hindustan's pool is rated more highly).

Far more accessible are the variety of meditation and yogacourses available; a basic course is a minimum of six days. For the foot soldiers, there are interesting and informative walking tours of BBD Bagh and north Kolkata (including areas off the tourist circuit). For the foodies, there is also an in-home cooking 'Food & Culture Tour' conducted by local women. Artists interested in photography, video, writing & drawing can also join an 'Impressions of Kolkata Tour'.

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