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Kenya - Introduction

Introduction to Kenya

Field of antelopes

Revered by anthropologists as the 'cradle of humanity', Kenya is wild and a little dangerous. If you're adventurous - and sensible - it promises the globe's most magnificent wildlife parks, unsullied beaches, thriving coral reefs, memorable mountain scapes and ancient Swahili cities.

Full country name: Republic of Kenya
Area: 583,000 sq km
Population: 31.63 million
People: 22% Kikuyu, 14% Luhya, 13% Luo, 12% Kalenjin, 11% Kamba, 6% Kisii, 6% Meru, 16% other
Language: Swahili, English
Religion: 35% Protestant, 30% Roman Catholic, 30% Muslim, 5% Animist
Government: republic (multiparty state)
Head of State: President Mwai Kibaki
GDP: US$23.9 billion
GDP per capita: US$360
Annual Growth: 1.6%
Inflation: 4.5%
Major Industries: small-scale consumer goods (plastic, furniture, beer, batteries, textiles, flour), agricultural processing, oil refining, chemicals, cement, tourism
Major Trading Partners: Uganda, Tanzania, UK, Germany, UAE, South Africa

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