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Juneau - Getting there & away, getting around

Juneau - Getting there & away

Visitors can easily find their way to Seattle, all major Southeast communities, Glacier Bay, Anchorage and Cordova, thanks to Alaska Airlines daily service during the summer. Those heading to Valdez, Seward, Homer and Kodiak can fly to Cordova and then hop onto a state ferry. Air North flies to Whitehorse three times per week. To smaller communities in the Juneau area, an alterative to hiring a surely wallet-pinching charter plane, is taking advantage of small air-service companies with regularly scheduled flights. To name a couple options, LAB Flying Service flies to Hoonah and Haines, and Wings of Alaska can get you to Tenakee Springs and Angoon.

Water is the only other feasible way to reach or escape Juneau. The ferry arrives and leaves from the Auke Bay Ferry Terminal, 14mi (23km) from downtown. Boats depart daily during the summer for Sitka, Petersburg, Ketchikan, Haines and Skagway. The smaller Le Conte heads to Hoonah, Angoon and Tenakee Springs. The summer-running M/V Malaspina makes a North Lynn trip everyday, hitting Skagway and Haines in a roundtrip. Once monthly, the M/V Kennicott takes itself to Valdez and Seward across the Gulf of Alaska. State ferries don't go to the Glacier Bay area, but Auk Nu Tours does; its catamaran leaves from near the Auke Bay post office, and kayaks can be transported for an extra fee.

Getting around Juneau

Many a bleary-eyed traveller arrives at the Auke Bay Ferry Terminal, 14mi (22km) from the city centre, in the wee dark hours of morning. These arrivals should catch the Mendenhall Glacier Transport bus - it meets all ferries - which provides transport to downtown or the airport. Other options for getting to the airport include taking an airporter bus from one of the major hotels or using the city bus system, which makes runs from 7:30am to 5:30pm on weekdays. Near the airport terminal, at the backside of Nugget Mall, there is a bus stop.

Juneau's public bus system, Capital Transit, runs hourly on weekdays with limited service on Sunday. The main circuit covers the downtown area and then heads to the Valley and Auke Bay Boat Harbor. Another bus runs hourly from the city to Douglas. For those needing their own wheels, a dozen car rental places await in Juneau. Split between two or more people, it can be a great way to explore the area - and few places charge for mileage, as the roads in Juneau don't add up to a whole lot of miles. Bicyclists can get around on Juneau's scenic bike paths, which lead to Mendenhall Glacier and other sites.

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