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Juneau - Activities

Juneau Activities

Once through with downtown's sightseeing options, most visitors will be eager to embrace the outdoors, and Juneau doesn't disappoint. With a huge diversity of trails from beginners to you'd-really-better-know-what-you're-doing, it's perhaps one of the best areas for hiking in Alaska. There are also cold-water activities (besides cruises) on offer such paddling in sea kayaks. Guided daytrips or tours are available for those who just want to get their feet wet - or not, as it were. The city and surrounds have many bicycling paths, many of which are steep; mountain biking options are limited. Those with a rod and line can happily fish for salmon and halibut in the area's creeks. In the wintertime, there is skiing and snowshoeing to be had; try the meadows of Point Bridget State Park.

Travelers to the Southeast are often intrigued by the area's gold-rush history and want to try panning for gold; good creeks to try out are Bullion Creek in the Treadwell Mine area, Gold Creek by Last Chance Basin and Sheep Creek on Thane Rd. Gold pans are available at any hardware store in Juneau.

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