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Jordan - Money & Costs

Money & Costs in Jordan

Tea time - black with a truckload of sugar Currency: Jordanian Dinar
  • Budget: US$1-2
  • Mid-range: US$2-7
  • High: US$7+

  • Lodging
  • Budget: US$2.50-7
  • Mid-range: US$7-30
  • High: US$30+

  • Jordan is at the top end of the Middle Eastern range - cheaper than Israel, but more expensive than Egypt. Although you could conceivably get by on $15 a day, you'll be living on felafel and slumming it in some pretty dodgy dives. If you want the odd beer, soft drink or restaurant meal, and if you'd like a hot shower occasionally, plan for about $20 a day. If you want a little more luxury - a couple of restaurant meals a day, a room with its own bathroom, a fair bit of travel and entry to at least one sight a day - budget around $50.

    You shouldn't have a problem changing any hard currency in Jordan. Most banks will change travellers' cheques, and the British Bank of the Middle East takes Eurocheques. Everywhere will charge you about JD5 to change cheques. Amex are the most widely accepted. If you find you can get a good rate outside the country, buy up, as you can import as much Jordanian currency as you want.

    Higher end restaurants will expect a tip of 10%, but most other places don't go in for tipping. Bargaining, particularly for souvenirs, is essential, but you are unlikely to get shopkeepers to stray far from their original price.

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