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Jordan - Introduction

Introduction to Jordan

View of Amman from the Citadel

Bible stories, lost cities, Lawrence of Arabia - Jordan has romantic associations up to its eyeballs. It's a country that ought to be awash with tourists, but the Middle East's bad reputation has kept them away in droves. Don't be fooled: Jordan is, on the whole, peaceful.

Full country name: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Area: 89,206 sq km
Population: 5.46 million
Capital City: Amman (pop 1.7 million)
People: Arab (60% Palestinian, many refugees), Circassians, Chechens, Armenians
Language: Arabic, English
Religion: 96% Sunni Muslim, 4% Christian
Government: constitutional monarchy
Head of Government: Prime Minister Ali Abu al-Ragheb
GDP: US$15.5 billion
GDP per capita: US$3,500
Annual Growth: 5%
Inflation: 4%
Major Industries: Minerals, petroleum refining, tourism, agriculture
Major Trading Partners: India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, European Union, United States, Iraq

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