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Jordan - Facts for the traveller, when to go, events

Facts for the traveller for Jordan

Movie poster, Amman Visas: All foreigners need a visa to enter Jordan. You can get one at the border or airport when you arrive, or from consulates in your country. Visas are valid for two weeks from entry, but can be easily extended up to three months. The cost for all nationalities is JD10 (single entry visa) and JD5 on departure. Keep your passport on you whenever you're near the Israeli border, as there are lots of military checkpoints.
Time: GMT/UTC +2
Dialling Code: 962
Electricity: 220V ,50Hz
Weights & measures: Metric

When to Go to Jordan

The best time to visit Jordan is in spring or autumn, when you can dodge the baking sun of summer and the freezing winds of winter. Although winter can be bitterly cold in most of the country, the Red Sea area and Aqaba are still very pleasant. If you're planning to travel through the rest of the Middle East, try heading north into Turkey around spring, or south into Egypt by autumn.

Jordan Events

Not surprisingly, Jordanian holidays and festivals are mostly Islamic. The big one is Ramadan, a month (in 2003 it starts on October 25, in 2004 it starts on October 14) where everyone fasts between sunup and sunset to conform to the fourth pillar of Islam. If you're in Jordan at this time, be sensitive to the fact that most of the people around you are very, very hungry. Ramadan ends with a huge feast, Eid al-Fitr, where everyone prays together, visits friends, gives presents and stuffs themselves. Eid al-Adah, held around February, is the other big feast of the year, and marks the time when Muslims should make the pilgrimage to Mecca. Non-religious holidays include Independence Day, on 25 May.

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